Refurbished & Used Fitness Equipment
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Common Questions

What is Refurbishing?

Once we acquire the equipment from the top rated hotels and fitness clubs the refurbishing process begins with the complete breakdown of all equipment down to it's core components.

All parts of the fitness equipment are tested and inspected for wear. If defective parts are discovered, the parts are replaced along with any other cosmetic parts that are in need of replacing, including the reupholstering of pads to your specifications on all strength equipment.

The refurbished fitness equipment is reassembled and all moving parts are lubricated, the fitness equipment goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure the machine's proper operation and visual appearance.

The fitness equipment include many types of treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, free weight systems and all types of fitness equipment that you would find in the finest fitness clubs and hotels.

Where do you get the fitness equipment from that you refurbish?

We only work with fitness equipment that we aquire from the best fitness facilities, including the highest rated gyms and hotels. We review the fitness equipment completely to make sure it will refurbish or remanufacture to our high standards.

The fitness equipment is next to new when we complete the refurbishing process because we only start with slightly used equipment from the luxury hotels, spa and fitness centers.